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ORB Rules

Yes, cleaning out the store room is not fun, but you always find something you forgot about.

 Yes, my beloved oil rubbed-bronze spray paint.  I think I bought this a couple of years ago in the suburbs (I agree, Chicago’s spray paint ban is really irritating). This find has spurred all kinds of paintings including a Malma mirror and some horrible Lucite silver-toned bathroom accessories.

 So easy and so much better!

20 Malmas

The previous owners of our loft had this great art on the wall next to the staircase:


I thought it would be easy to find something similar, but we never found anything that we loved at a good (cheap) price so we decided to try a DIY.

We were feeling inspired by some great Kandinsky-like circle grids at Stay-at-Home Artist, and some price-savvy framed craft papers at Young House Love.  Enter 20 unfinished Malma mirrors from IKEA, Frog tape, Command Strips and some craft paint.

Unfinished Malma Mirror, Frog Tape, Craft Paint

 It took a lot longer than I thought with all the paint mixing, but I think it was worth it.

Ikea Malma Mirror Collage

After taking this picture, I notice where I need to straighten and switch some mirrors, but the Command Strips make that easy.  It makes such a difference in the room, and I love the way the light hits the mirrors at different times of the day.