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The fact that I just typed the word fashion in my blog makes me laugh.  Ever since I started working from home, my daily uniform is Lululemon workout clothes.  Face it, workout clothes are awesome, but sometimes you need something different.

Over the last year, I’ve lost some weight through eating better and more exercise.  Lots of stuff in my closet no longer fit so I went through and sold or donated a majority of my wardrobe.  Great – but now I literally have nothing to wear except workout clothes.

So when I read this Stitch Fix review, I knew I had to try it.  Fill out an online questionnaire (style type, sizes, price point, etc), schedule a fix and a stylist picks out five pieces of clothing/accessories for you, and you get a box in the mail.

Stitch Fix Box image

Once your box ships, a $20 Styling Fee is charged to your card which can be applied to what you keep from your box.  Anything you don’t like, you simply mail back with the enclosed envelope.  Perfect for the lazy fashionably challenged.

I got my fourth fix last week, and I ended up keeping only one thing – this lovely scarf

Stitch Fix 4 scarf image

Here’s what I didn’t keep:

Stitch Fix 4 sent back image

  • Black Leggings – these were a little sheer so couldn’t exercise in these
  • Red Top – love the color but capped sleeves no-likey
  • Red Striped Top -  too busy and sleeves no-likey
  • Black-White Tank – I thought I was going to love this one, but I just looked washed out when I put it on

I have found at least one thing I liked in all four boxes; I kept my entire 3rd box (25% discount when you keep the entire box).  So not every box is a slam dunk, but I think the process has forced me to analyze my wardrobe, figure out my style and try some things I would never pick out myself.  After each fix, you comment on the selections to help them in picking your next fix.  I have a trip in May so I scheduled my next Stitch Fix to arrive before my trip and asked for some trip outfits.

Stitch Fix did not pay me for this review; I just wanted to share it because I love the concept. To help their business grow, Stitch Fix has a great affiliate referral program for each referral sign-up, you’ll get a $25 clothes credit for future fixes.  Here’s my referral url if you’d like to check it out (there’s a bit of a wait list).

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