Winter Workout 3 – Piloxing

No deal needed this time.  For this winter workout, I went to my local gym, XSport, to try out a new class they started offering called Piloxing.

Piloxing is Pilates + Kickboxing.  This class reminded me of a Zumba-type choreographed class.  It’s done barefoot with a routine of dancey kicks and punches with some mat Pilates.  My body doesn’t do the dancey moves easily so at some points during class I was lost, but that’s usual for me.  The mat Pilates part of class was pretty easy so I wish that part was more of a challenge.   At the end of class, the instructor encouraged us to yell out the “Piloxing phrase” (with coordinating arm motions).  No one wanted to do it.  It felt a little silly to yell out “Sleek Sexy Powerful”, but we eventually all obliged.

I don’t go to many classes at my gym, but Piloxing was pretty fun so I’ll keep this one in my rotation for a while.

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